Box for gas pressure regulation and consumption gas measurement.




The Box is used to protect the gas meter from weather conditions and allows the deduction of gas consumption and handling of the main gas valve located before the gas meter. Box is placed on the object boundary gas supply.


*ULTRATECH, spol. s r.o. Produces and supplies boxes in two versions:


1. The Closed box that can be installed in open place in the garden in front of the house (fixation A), by the fence (fixation B) or on the wall (fixation C)

      Box equipment:

- steel  assembly frame for fixing input and output gas pipe,gas meter and cover box

- glass-cloth laminate cover with opening door and window for visual checking of consumption

- the box sizes:  length - 550 mm

                            height - 550 mm

                            width - 310 mm


2. The Box for embedding into the facade is the cover of niche in the wall where gas meter and the main gas valve is located. The box has a collar that be inserted in the hole in the wall  

     and fastened to the side walls. This glass-cloth laminate cover has opening door and window for the deduction gas meter.

- the box sizes: length - 600 mm (490 mm hole in the wall)

                           height - 600 mm (490 mm hole in the wall)

                           width - 100 mm (300 mm depth of the hole in the wall)











Alternatives for the box fixation.