Industrial ultrasonic water cleaners.



 About US cleaning

There is a difference in the position of  ultrasonic (US) cleaning method in comparison with the other methods because of its several

advantages that are not ensured by any other cleaning method:

- high quality of cleaning and degreasing (remove all free impurities)

- suitable for all material (metals, plastics, glass…)

- suitable for interoperational or final cleaning

- no damage of fine parts e.g. electronic parts

- impurities from inaccessible places are removed

- possibility of full process automation

- high surface quality for surface finishing operations (painting, galvanization…)

- influence of subject is eliminated


 Range of products

We manufacture and deliver US cleaners from the simplest one-bath manually operated cleaners up to cleaners with several baths

with automatic supply of baskets loaded with parts being cleaned or it may be a complete mechanized cleaning workplace with needed


The US cleaners are manufactured with standard tanks sizes or with tailor made tanks sizes (under customer’s request) too.

Vast range of accessories – baskets, transport systems, control units, storage tanks, filtration systems, DEMI and DI water units, oil



* Application examples

Engineering industry – various motor parts, connection elements, bearings, furniture fittings, filters...

Metallurgy – moulds, castings...

Optics – spectacles, glasses, frames, lenses...

Rubber-making industry – moulds, various metal parts before gum...

Surface finish – cleaning before galvanization, painting, after polishing, grinding...

Electrical industry – cleaning silicon wafers, various metal electronic parts, PCB, boxes...

Food industry – moulds, boxes...

Repair – car services, watches, water meters...



Manually or semi automatically operated US cleaning lines are determined for degreasing and cleaning various parts made of

various materials at various industrial areas. The lines have compact or modular construction based on standard or tailor made tanks:

- for compact lines cleaners types UCM and UCM-Z can be used too

- for modular lines the standard industrial US tanks type UC 1M are the most frequently used

Cleaning is performed on sieve flat baskets or rotary baskets. All technological tanks are made of high grade stainless steel standard

AISI 304/DIN1.4301 or AISI 316Ti/DIN1.4571.


The most common manual US line consists of:

- US cleaning tanks

- Rinsing tanks

- Hot Air Dryer

Possible accessories:

- Semiautomatic transport systems (vertical movement automatic while horizontal movement remains manual)

- Storage tank for cleaning liquid with possibility of its filtration and oil separation

- Stations for production or regeneration of DEMI or DI water


* Manual lines - examples






Possible accessories - examples