Ultrasonic Welding machines.


Welding by ultrasonic energy is a technology, suited for mass production with short production cycles. The technology has following advantages :

- short welding time (below a second)

- possibility of automation

        - without harmful vapors

With ultrasound you can weld, shape, rivet, flange, embed or spot weld.




 Pneumatic ultrasonic welding machine, type UZZ.

Main parameters:

Working frequency 40 kHz, output power 300 W, 600 W or

Working frequency 20 kHz, output power 1000 W

Programmable controller OMRON

Pneumatic e.g. Festo (or customers request)

With or without working desk

Under customer request: positioning of  welding parts  



Car Industry - plastic level sensors production, lights production…

Electrical Industry - plastic plugs production, various plastic parts...

Consumer goods Industry - toys productions, kitchen equipment…

Food Industry - food and cosmetics cases…

Plastic Industry - various parts welding

Climbing ropes production - welding ropes ends, length measuring, cutting…

Armaments Industry - welding of DT nonelectric detonator ends

* Examples of various ultrasonic welders types manufactured by Ultratech, spol. s r.o.